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Product Name: PS3/PC Dual Player Controller with LED

Type ID: XM-11

Release date: 06-01-2018

Retail link: Click here

Wholesale MOQ: 120

Shipping: DHL


  • USB 2.0 protocol, the response speed is faster than USB1.1;
  • MicroUSB jack for connecting any standard USB cable;
  • Compatible with win10/win8/win7/vista/XP/2000/98, PS3, Linux, MAC, Android, Raspberry Pi;
  • No Support PS3 Home Button(PS button);
  • Supports Mode button for direction control switching between X/Y axes and Digital-pad;
  • Lead-free process;
  • No soldering required;
  • Kit contains all the wires with harnesses and USB cable;

    Every player's button 1 to 8 each has a corresponding LED indicating their status.

    Every player's button 1-8 LED effect can be configured to the following 4 states. The default state is that all the LEDs are disabled.

  • Always lighting on;
  • All LEDs are turned off status, the corresponding LEDs light up when the button is pressed.
  • All LEDs are turned on status, the corresponding LEDs light down when the button is pressed.
  • Disable all LED(default).

    Use the joystick's UP + Mode button to swich through the above modes.

    When all the buttons have not been pressed for more than 6 minutes, all LEDs show a breathing effect.

    The LED effects and Mode configuration are stored internally. Next time plug in will read these configruation first, No need to reconfigure.

    Please note: The LEDs use a common anode connection. The LED is a diode, so the pins have the difference between positive and negative electrodes. If the pins are reversed, it will not light.

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