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1.Can these boards work for Raspberry Pi with 4 players together?

2.How to identify the counterfeit product?
-At present, only XM-02 is being counterfeited. However, we have upgraded this model. You can send us a photo of the product for identification. I recommend buying as much as possible in our partners. Click "Contact Us" and look for "Where to buy."

3.How to play games on an android phone?
-First your android phone must support the OTG, otherwise you have to root to support OTG. Second step, download MAME emulator app from your app market. For example I use MAME Arcade-Classic M.A.M.E Emulator. Third step, open this app and download your favorite games. Fourth step, open a game you want to play and configurate your buttons and joystick. After finished all these, you can play.

4.Why use a micro USB interface, isn't the standard B type interface more robust?
-Because the Micro USB interface can reach 10000 times of plug, more robust than 1500 times of standard B type. The Micro USB has a lighter weight and lower transpotation costs.

5.Why the 2nd player of XM-10 or XM-11 can't work on the Raspberry Pi?
-This situation only occurs on the RetroPie system. There are two solutions.
(1) Add the following to /boot/cmdline.txt -- just add a space to the end of the existing entry, so it is all on one line):
    Just modify this file and restart, the second player will activate.
(2) I recommend using Recalbox instead. The Recalbox system doesn't have this issue.

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